Trustworthy machine learning

This site is the official site for KDD 2023 tutorial on Trustworthy Machine Learning: Robustness, Generalization, and Interpretability.




  1. Overview of trustworthiness (Jindong Wang, 10min) [Slides]
  2. Robust machine learning (Jindong Wang, 40min) [Slides]
    • Adversarial robustness (basics, emerging topics in adv. robustness, Transformer robustness)
    • Semi-supervised learning (basics, advanced algorithms, applications)
  3. OOD generalizaiton (Haohan Wang, 40min) [Slides]
  4. Interpretability (Haohan Wang, 40min) [Slides]
  5. Trustworthiness in the era of large models (Jindong Wang, 40min) [Slides]
    • Evaluation
    • Enhancement